Ping He




korean pronunciation Pyung hwa

chinese pronunciation Ping He

japanese pronunciation Hei Wa


D-letter Ping means balanced, even, controlled

D-letter He means the harmony, the peace


D-letter Ping symbolized the balanced weight scale.


D-letter He can be parted into two parts. The left part is the rice grass, the rice itself or the food. The right part is the mouth, as I showed the letter a few days ago. The rice tastes good for the mouth. It is pleasing, satisfactory or delicious.



korean pronunciation Pyung Ahn

chinese pronunciation Ping An

japanese pronunciation Hei An


D-letter An means the comfort, the peace or the safe.

The base part of An is Nu meaning a female, a girl or a daughter.

The upper part of An symbolize the house. A woman is in the house, so she is safe.


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